Going Back to Life in Style - Quarantine Edition

Life was so colorful pre-coronavirus.  I could hear the hustle and bustle in the busy streets of New York City.  The sound of the subway metal, countless taxi cabs honking "honk honk," men- chic in their suits, and women, boss babes, filled the city streets.  Outside the city, I imagine stadiums full of cheering fans in their jeans and jerseys.  Concerts and shows abundant with people dressed to the nine.

The opera was my heaven.  I enjoyed dressing elegantly at Lincoln Center.  I watched the stage full of costume and color; reds, yellows, greens, and blues all painted the stage.  Not to mention the beautiful accessories!

Life seemed like a dream pre-war.  Now, theaters, stadiums, and the streets are empty, lifeless - no soul.  Even the light in my apartment looks completely different.  Days are blended together with no definite beginning or end, every day feels like a string of Tuesday's - and we all dress the part.  It's common staying at home in quarantine and wearing the most basic attire: sweatpants and t-shirt.

But my vibrant days are the ones where I dress up.  My mother, grandmother, and I, are in quarantine together.  Three generations of creative businesswomen who find art and fashion a beautiful expression of life.  One random day my mom suggested girl-time where we dress up.  Brilliant!  Slowly, together, we re-discovered that our attire was and is part of who we are and how we feel.

What will life and style be like after the pandemic?  Will men and women find comfort in continuing the sweatpants and t-shirt trend?  Will people flood the streets of the world in excitement to shop and eat?  My best days are the ones where I dress up and am excited to continue the trend.