What is passion?  Passion is an uncontrollable intense emotion that 
applies to an object, activity, concept, or sexual desire.  A strong 
liking or desire for - with fire and excitement.  Then what is life
without passion?  It would be like a string of Tuesdays strung
together by monotony and dullness.  When my beloved father and angel 
passed, I discovered passion.  Passion found me, only I didn’t realize 
it was there the whole time.


Passion is in art.  It’s when I’m painting and my emotions are 
spilling over the canvas. Passion is in a decadent chocolate croissant 
with coffee, or a perfectly cooked porterhouse steak. Passion is when 
I look at a pregnant friend with a fat smile on her face. It is the 
recent fight with my mom, knowing she’ll always be my rock and best 
friend.  Passion is the heavy smell of ocean salt spinning through my 
nose and the sound of the clean ocean water crashing against giant 
shore rocks.  It’s the hot orange sun shimmering in the reflection of 
the water.  It’s the flaky sand crumbling between my toes and the 
breeze swiftly blowing through the strands of my hair.  Passion is in 
a long hug.  It’s in the way he looks at me.  Passion is in her eyes. 
What is your passion?  Passion is in my pearls.