Why Is Mel Z Different?

From the tender age of 5, my mother instilled in me my sense of creativity.  I enjoyed anything arts and crafts related, and I was good.  I was the most talented artist among my all of my peers in school.  Not to mention the lessons my mother would teach me about fashion, fabrication, design, business, and value. Years later, I graduated from George Washington University with a degree in Sociology and Mathematics, but I was still not satisfied.  


On June 26, 2016 my angel and father passed.  I spent sleepless nights, tireless hours pouring my effort into translating my passion to a product. After I lost my father, all of my pain was poured in to this beautiful pearl, which I cherished since he gave it to me for my birthday. It was a pink strand of pearls that crafted my hands. There is nothing more I love than creating an authentic piece of love that can be given and cherished forever.  The birth of Designs by Mel Z was born after my father passed and I was gifted with finding my true passion and what makes me complete.